Save the Farr Mansion

The Holyoke YMCA has taken out a demolition permit on an important historic building at 399 Appleton Street in Holyoke, MA.  They plan to demolish a landmark of Holyoke's industrial history to build a 25 spot parking lot, even though there are several nearby empty lots and other non-historic buildings that could serve as parking.  This website outlines the history and importance of the building.  It's also a resource guide for how to get involved in saving the Farr Mansion.


Members of the Suffolk Street Neighborhood Association received disappointing news last week: the Board of the Greater Holyoke YMCA, at its September meeting, voted to decline an offer from Stephen Bosco of Arrow Properties to purchase the Herbert M. Farr Mansion located at 399 Appleton Street. Bosco submitted a proposal to the YMCA Board that included plans for the historic mansion to become a neighborhood cafe with additional office space on the second floor. Bosco expressed “a desire to develop the property in a way that would benefit the YMCA's users", and owns several large buildings in the Beech and Appleton area. However, according to YMCA Executive Director Kathy Viens, “the property is not for sale”.  more info

Appeal to Y Members

How to Help Save the Farr

History of the Farr Mansion

We must act now to save this building.  If something isn't done, this landmark will be destroyed by the Holyoke YMCA in the next few months.


Holyoke needs your help to save this building.  Please, don't park on our history.

The Farr Mansion has an incredibly important historical place in the city of Holyoke.


Don't Park on our History - Save the Farr Mansion